Saturday, 20 June 2015

Space Woman

I bought this second hand Artifice Clothing outfit off the lovely Venla, who always seems to be selling just the clothes I want ;D Silver is usually not my thing, but this was a whole outfit consisting of a top, skirt, corset and gloves, so I didn't really matter that I don't have anything that goes with silver. I'm a big fan of Artifice Clothing designs, and I've been meaning to get their Kinetic zippered corset in black, but a silver one is also nice! I like how the flaps at the bottom give a nice silhouette and some space-age feel to the whole outfit. I felt the petrol wig goes well with the outfit, it makes me miss my bangs. Maybe some day I'll cut them again! Also I was too lazy to do my own hair ;P

Outfit - Artifice clothing
Wig - Second hand
Necklace - Art with Latex


  1. You make an awesome alien princess! What an amazing dress!

  2. I love the all silver outfit with the blue hair! Artifice Clothing is the best.

    1. I'm a big fan of Artifice Clothing, I think it's the brand I have the most in my closet :) Thank you!


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