Monday, 1 June 2015

WGT Look

Here's one look from WGT! I used Glamour Doll Eyes' Celestial Crow for the outer part of the lid and Femme Fatale's Eternal Trance on the inner part. I don't think I've done a smoky with two equally dark shades before, but I quite like the effect! I did the eye make-up in the morning and put on nude lipstick so I could safely eat without smudging dark lipstick everywhere, but changed into a darker lip shade in the evening. I think the eyes work with both light and dark lips. The light lipstick in the pictures is Essence's Come Naturally, a great nude shade I picked up at a DM in Leipzig. Essence has a whole collection of nudes in different tones, Come Naturally is almost the same shade as my lips naturally are, so I can use it just to smooth them out and give a hint of definition around the edges.

Here's a shot of the look combined with an outfit!


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