Monday, 29 June 2015

Rogue Flyer Photoshoot

Tiina of Rogue needed some pictures for a new flyer she could distribute at Lumous festival, and I was eager to help! My other half was helpful too, he took some pictures of Tiina and me with our home studio setup (= Ikea roll blind and two lamps ;P). Tiina wore light shades and I wore dark ones, so she could have two flyers, one that showed off light coloured oufit that's more casual, and a full-on goth look.

Tiina is wearing a dress she made herself, and I have a shrug, gloves and garters made by her. She had found this awesome metallic purple faux leather and was nice enough to ask me if I'd like something made of it. I naturally did, it's just my kind of a colour!

Take a look at what Tiina has in her Etsy shop :) The moth jewellery we created together has almost sold out, so if you want a pair of earrings or a necklace, you have to be quick.

These pictures are just cropped by me and otherwise not retouched at all. I bet the ones used on the flyer will look a bit more bad-ass when properly finished!

And one behind the scenes shot! This is what's usually going on in our living room ;D

Cat train!


  1. Kissajuna!!! Repesin :D. Upeita asuja, kuvia ja naisia... kisuja unohtamatta <3.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! The cats just want to participate in anything and everything we do ;D

  3. Your fur babies are cute!
    Makes me want more of them.

    That purple material is wildly awesome! I wish I had luck finding specialty material like that.
    And you wear it all so beautifully.

  4. You both look fabulous! Just realised we both have a nearly conpletely covered in tattoos left arm and plain right arm!

  5. You look stunning <3 Both of you look amazing. :3 And Tiina has really great stuff on etsy. :)


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