Saturday, 15 September 2012

Friday Night Look

Yesterday I went to listen to a friend who had a DJ gig at a small local bar. The place is called Huurupiilo, it turned out to be a really lovely, cosy little place. DJ Tex Chiller was awesome! It was so much fun listening to good music with friends, many people showed up and since the bar only had around twenty seats, the place was packed ;P

I did a look with Moi Cosmetics shadows, because I really wanted to try out the High Beam sparkly shadows. You can see that winter is creeping in, the pics are pretty dark! I guess I'll just have to get new batteries for the flash.

I used:
Sugarpill Tako (matte white, on brow bone and inner corners)
Moi Cosmetics Venus (a shimmery dark pink, on the inner part of lids)
Moi Cosmetics EggPlant (High Beam shadow, a super shimmery purple, on lids and crease and blended upwards)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner on Zero (black)
Gosh lip stain in 003 Berry (a cool, dark red)
Moi Cosmetics Kiss My Lips lipgloss in Paranormal (light purple with a blue shift)

The gloss was mainly visible as a blue sheen, I really liked it!

Yes, I have a World of Warcraft poster! I backcombed my hair a little. You can really see how well
the Elumen dye holds, I dyed it 2nd of August and it hasn't really faded at all. My roots are
horrible, but I've already ordered a new bottle of dye so I can mix the purple with blue and achieve the
right shade! Can't wait for it to arrive ;P


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