Saturday, 22 September 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow

Last week I went ahead and got two Color Tattoo 24HR eyeshadows by Maybelline. I had been looking at them for quite a while, but since most cream products don't last long on my lids, I had passed them by. Some colours were really pretty, and in the end I couldn't resist the taupe and after trying it out, got the dark grey shade too.

Shade 40 Permanent Taupe

Comes sealed with a tiny see-through lip of the sticker on the lid.

Looks fairly blah in the pot.

Permanent Taupe swatched, It goes on darker than in the pot and has a really
faint shimmer.

The taupe is a bit darker than my skin colour, thought it looked very light in the pot. The shade is very grey and cool. The shadow consistency feels like gel liner, and it can be applied with fingers or a stiff brush. I recommend taking the product from the pot with a brush, but smoothing it on the lid with fingertips to make sure the layer is thin enough, otherwise the shadow needs a long time to dry and might crease if you open your eyes. On lower lids you get better precision when applying with a pencil brush.

Shade 55 Immortal Charcoal
After finding the taupe to be nice, I got 55 Immortal Charcoal too. I was planning to use it as a base for loose eyeshadows, but haven't tried that yet. The shade might be a bit too light for that, and it has lots of shimmer, so it might alter the loose shadows' shade too much. This shade isn't charcoal if you ask me, I would describe it as gunmetal. It's very shimmery and quite a light grey. The lid looks like the product would have microglitter in it, but it doesn't. It's a fairly neutral shade, with no blue undertones you usually see in grey shadows.

Immortal Charcoal in the pot, after I've tried it.
Immortal Charcoal on the lid. I also did my eyebrows with it, but put some
black eyeshadow on top since the grey was way too light. I also used the
black shadow as liner on the outer corner near the lash line both on upper
and lower lid.

The shadow feels a bit sticky and you can see it "glues" the folds of my lid
lightly together. After a few minutes the feeling goes away, so I'm guessing
that's how long it takes for the product to dry thoroughly.

I wore both shades for a day and tried them with and without primer (I use Urban Decay Primer Potion). Both colours creased a bit during the day without primer, but stayed fairly nice looking and didn't fade, except for the inner part of the lid where the creasing happened. I wore both for around 16 hours. With primer, the result was much the same, but the colours seemed more vibrant and it took longer for the shadow to crease. I have very oily lids, this is still the best result with any product without a primer, even though it's not perfect. These might actually work on normal lids without primer!

I also tried the shadows with a liner brush, and they can be used as eyeliner. The shades I chose are not so great for liner, but a true black or the flashy turquoise shade might look really nice. They can also be used with regular eyeshadows and blend okay. The product might dry fast in the pot, I'll update the review if that happens :)

-Easy to apply, you can do a simple look by just adding one shade to the whole lid
-Lots of product
-Lasts well
-Multiuse, can be used for drawing on brows or as an eyeliner, works with other eyeshadows

-Still creases, does not last the promised 24 hours
-Colour selection is very limited (at least in Finland, we have three shades of brown, a shimmery white, turquoise and the charcoal one)
-Doesn't come with a brush or other applicator (I don't mind, but this might be an issue to someone)


  1. Immortal charcoal reminds me so much of of the Catrice made to stay eyeshadow in Romans gone bad! The color is very similar and it seems to apply the same. I like this kind of product to use underneath a dark smokey eye to deepen it in the outer corner and crease, but I'm not likely to wear it on it's own.

    1. Nice, I really have to try it with a smoky look and some other eyeshadows then! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I hate creamy eyeshadows..I never found a good one!


    1. Most don't work at all on my lids, but this was an exception. Well, not fully, but lasts a lot better than most!

  3. Great review! I find that cream shadow products just don't work well on me as I have oily skin.

    1. I have the same problem, the oil comes from beneath the product and POOF it's gone! ;D These hold on a lot better than other creams that I've tried, and I know a p2 cream shadow does stay on with primer and a loose shadow on top, so maybe I can still work with these :)


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