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Questions and Answers

I compiled all the questions from the 300 readers giveaway comments here :) I asked everyone who participated to ask a question and there were lots, I'm so happy! I've translated the Finnish ones, but also answered in Finnish.

Here's a collage of Möttönen licking her tail clean, just to get things started ;P

How did you become a game designer?

I started out at play testing and worked my way up from there. I've been working as a graphic designer also for some time, but now I'm working on my second project as a designer. I just counted that I've been working with games for six years now, that's a lot!

How is made the plastic patern of the necklace?

The necklace in the giveaway was made out of shrink plastic. I took an A4 sheet of clear shrink plastic, sketched in the drawing and carefully painted it with acrylics. Then I cut it out, punched a hole and put it in the oven to shrink. After shrinking and cooling, I varnished the piece and added the chain.

What is your personal big makeup no-no? What colour, product, make up technique do you hate or reject to use?

I steer away from lipstick that's lighter than my skin and bronzing products. You wouldn't catch me dead with a fake tan! Maybe one day I'll love them, but right now those things just rub me the wrong way.

What type of games do you create?

I've worked on many, many Java mobile games (the old type, before iPhones and other smart phones) when testing, done work on three iPhone games as an artist, and now I'm working on my second PC title. The first one is called Cities in Motion, it's a mass transit simulation, and now I'm working on the sequel for it :)

How do you keep looking awesome in the middle of winter?

By moisturising a lot! I have different lotions for summer and winter (I keep the ones that are not in season in the fridge), very light ones for summer and very moisturising ones for the winter.

Do you have a Model Mayhem or somewhere else I can creep on your lovely modelling photos?

Actually I don't have any modelling page at the moment! I really should set one up, now that you mentioned it :) I'll try to make a post with the pictures I have at the moment. I just got asked to do some new stuff, I'll try to follow up on that once I have some time.

Mikä on suosikki meikkimerkkisi ja miksi?
Translation: What is your favourite makeup brand and why?

Fyrinnae! Halvat hinnat, nopea toimitus ja ihan loistavia tuotteita. Melkein kaikki mitä olen tilannut on ollut jopa parempaa kuin mitä olen odottanut (ainoastaan pohjustustuote kasvoille ei oikein toiminut ihollani, mutta niin moni ei toimi etten enää ylläty).

Translation: I'd say Fyrinnae, they have such a large selection and almost every product has been even better than I anticipated (the face primer didn't work well on my skin, but that's okay).

Minkälaiset kengät teettäisit, jos materiaaleilla, mallilla eikä hinnalla olisi minkäänlaisia rajoja? Mitkä olisivat siun mielestä maailman upeimmat, ihanimmat, ja siumaisimmat kengät? :)
Translation: If you could get a pair of made-to-measure shoes, what kind would you get if money or design wouldn't be an issue? What would be the most gorgeous shoes that are really "you"?

Kiinnostava kysymys! Varmaankin jotain pohjepituista ja kiiltävän mustaa, n. 13 cm korolla ja pienellä platformilla. Tai sitten jotkut överit korkkarit, kimallusta ja piikkikorko!

Translation: What an interesting question! I'd probably go for something calf-high, shiny and black, with a 13 cm heel and a small platform. Or maybe some over the top high heels with tons of glitter and stiletto heels!

What are your current favorite makeup products?

Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream and lip stains in general! Glowing skin and defined lips make a good everyday look :)

What finnish make-up brand/must have would you recommand to a foreigner?

We don't have that many Finnish brands actually. The best known would be Lumene, but it's a bit lame and middle-aged ;P I'd recommend to stop by a Sokos department store and check out their exclusive cosmetics line called We Care Icon. Lumene also has a line for younger people, it's called Natural Code, and they have some nice stuff. Generally Finnish customers are not offered anything colourful, the brands stick to faint pink and beige and brown, which don't excite me so much.

Miusta ois hirveen kiva tietää millä tavalla siulle tuli kissat, kävitkö kasvattajalta jne. :)
Translation: How did you come to own your cats? Did you get them from a breeder etc.?

Rakastan kertoa kissoistani! ;D Kun etsin ensimmäistä kissaa, olin ajatellut ihan tavallista maatiaiskissaa, mutta minulle tarjottiin itämaispentua joka oli etsinyt kotia jo pidempään. Kävin tutustumassa kissaan (ja sen sisaruksiin ja emoon) paremmin, mutta lopulta en kuitenkaan uskaltanut ottaa sitä, koska kissalla oli suurempi riski sairastua tapaturman takia. Olin kuitenkin ihastunut rotuun, joten etsin toisen kasvattajan jolla oli luovutusikäisiä pentuja ja kävin katsomassa niitä. Pentu, jota kasvattaja oli alunperin tarjonnut, ei suostunut edes katsomaan päin, mutta sen veli änki syliin asti! Onneks velipoikakin oli vielä vapaana, ja niin minulle tuli Nivek, joka nyt on jo 8-vuotias. Muut itämaiset ovat toiselta kasvattajalta, Nana tuli kaveriksi Nivekille ja Möttönen oli sijoituskissa jonka oli tarkoitus tehdä paljon söpöjä pentuja, mutta se tyytyikin seksilomailemaan. Sitten eläkkeellä hankin kasvatustasoisen katin ja kasvatan läjän söpöjä pentuja! Maatiaisveljekset tulivat avopuolison kaupanpäällisinä, ne ovat lähtöisin jostain etelärannikolta.

Translation: I love to talk about my cats ;D When I had decided that I want a cat, I was first looking at regular kitties. Then I was offered an oriental kitten that had been looking for a new home for some time. I went to see it (and its sisters and mom, too) but in the end I didn't dare to take it as my first ever cat, because the kitten had had an accident earlier that made it more prone to sickness. I was afraid I wouldn't know how to keep it healthy and since I was still a student, it would have been a financial burden, too. But I had fallen in love with the breed! So, I found another breeder with kittens and went to see them. The one she had originally offered me didn't even want to look at me, but its brother climbed on to my lap. Luckily the brother was still looking for a home as well, so he came home with me and that's how I got Nivek. He's eight now! Nana and Möttönen are from a different breeder. I got Nana so Nivek wouldn't be lonely (it's recommended to not keep orientals as only cats and my roommate who had a cat had gone to study in another city), and Möttönen was supposed to be a high class breeding kitty, but instead she just went on sex holidays and never managed to make any kittens. She's very dear to me still, maybe one day in the distant future I'll get a breeding cat and raise a few litters of cute kittens! The grey brothels came as an extra with my other half, they are originally from somewhere on the south coast of Finland.

What celebrity crush/chrushes did you have when you were younger?

I didn't really listen to music or watch that many movies, I liked books and games more. I did have a huge crush on Elric of Melnibone, the albino emperor from Michael Moorcock's novels! :)

What would you most like to achieve in your life and how would you want to be remembered?

I'd like to live a happy life and be remembered as a nice, warm person :) I'm working hard to be able to connect to people better, and I think I'm doing pretty good at the moment! I'm not that ambitious, I like to think I enjoy the simple things in life, like a nice cup of tea and the evening sun shining through our living room windows, or just falling asleep in my other half's arm. I live in the moment.

Voisitko esitellä meikkikokoelmasi? :) Tai vaikka 10 tärkeintä tuotettasi.
Translation: Could you show us your makeup collection? Or maybe ten most important products?

Se vaatisi muutaman postauksen ;D Mutta miksi ei, voisin tehdä siitä tekstin ihan hyvin!
Translation: That would take more than one post ;D Why not, I could write about it and take lots of pictures!

How do you care about your lovely hair?

I wash it with a Lush solid shampoo and use whatever conditioner I happen to have. Right now I use American Dream by Lush and L’Anza Hair Repair Formula Reconstructor occasionally. I tried Elumen haircolour last time I dyed the mop, and it seems to last better than anything I've tried before, so I just yesterday ordered some more! I let my hair dry naturally whenever I have the time, and wash it twice a week.

Mistä saat inspiraatiosi? Esim. vaikka juuri näihin omiin taiteiluprojekteihisi, kuten tuohon kauniiseen riipukseenkin? :) Tuleeko se tutkailemalla ihastuttavia asioita netin syövereistä, lukemalla kirjoja, pulpahtavatko ideat pinnalle unissa tms.? :)
Translation: Where does your inspiration come from? For artistic stuff, like the lovely pendant? Do you find it by seeing wonderful things on the web, reading books or do you find ideas in your dreams?

Olen kehittänyt aika jämäkän tyylitajun, ja olen jo vuosia pitänyt samoista väreistä ja kuvioista, joten niiden kanssa on tullut tehtyä paljon hommia. Piirrän mieluiten naiskasvoja, ja nyt kun en enää tee työkseni grafiikkaa, saankin tuherrella niitä niin paljon kuin haluan! Katselen mieluusti kauniita kuvia tumblrista ja lukiessani kirjoja kuvittelen hahmoja ja paikkoja mielessäni, joten ne ovat varmaankin suurimmat inspiraationlähteet.

Translation: I have a solid style, I've liked the same colours for years and now that I'm not doing graphics for a living, I can doodle the female faces I'm so fond of ;P I'd say that my inspiration mostly comes from browsing tumblr and reading books.

You wear beautiful makeup, what is (are) your inspiration(s)?

I like to base my looks around a colour I like, or take inspiration from tutorials and just add a little twist to it. I love makeup challenges, I like guidelines that give me the freedom to interpret the theme but still narrow down the selection.

If you could choose any band in the world to see (current or old), who would it be?

This is a hard one! I'd say Skinny Puppy in the 80's, I've been listening to "Cleanse fold and manipulate" and the energy the group has is just great!

Onko siulla jokin suosikki videopeli ja jos niin mikä/mitkä? Ja ehkä muutenkin olisi kiva kuulla että vietätkö paljon aikaa pelien parissa näin työsi lisäksi?
Translation: Do you have a favourite video game and if you do, what is it? Do you spend much time with games outside of work?

Ajallisesti olen varmaan pelannut eniten Sims -sarjaa ja World of Warcraftia! Ne ovatkin kyllä suosikkeja, mutta lisäksi pidän paljon roolipeleistä ja seikkailupeleistä. Ne ovat kokonaisuuksia, enemmän kuin kirja jonka lukee kuin Simssien tai WoWin hiekkalaatikko, mutta pidän aina hyvistä tarinoista. Sanoisin että viikossa pelaan vapaa-ajalla 0-3 tuntia päivässä. Lisäksi pelaan lauta-, kortti- ja roolipelejä sen mukaan miten ehdin ja pelaajia löytyy :)

Translation: If you only look at time played, my favourites would be the Sims series and World of Warcraft. I really like them, but I'm also very fond of adventure games and roleplaying games. They are more like books, they tell a story from the beginning to the end, and thus don't get as much playtime as the huge sandbox worlds. I love a good story and still remember the characters fondly! (Except for Alistair in Dragon Age, that bitch dumped my character! ;P) I'd say outside of work hours I play 0-3 hours per day. I also like to play board games, card games and rolepleying games whenever there's a chance (= I have time and there are players available).

Where do you buy your clothes from?

I'm really boring, I mostly shop at common cheap stores like H&M or Seppälä (a Finnish store chain with clothes for young people). Then again I love to browse eBay and search for fancy Lip Service items or Hell Bunny dresses!

What was your original inspiration for starting a blog?

It might sound a bit silly, but I bought a fancy camera off my brother who was switching for a newer model, and was so excited about photographing I wanted a place to share the pics. I had also begun shopping indie makeup earlier, and wanted to just gush about it!

If you could meet anyone alive or dead that has ever existed, who would it be and why? (examples: Edgar Allan Poe, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, etc...)

I'd say Tutankhamon ;) I love ancient Egypt and would be very interested to know how it actually felt like to be a king, the son of god, raised from child to rule.

How much goth subculture influences your life, of course meaning in a good way?

Goth culture for me is a circle of friends. In my home town going to a club means seeing friends and having fun. Most goths I know have interests along the same lines as I do, so we always have a lot to talk about. Clubs feel like home to me. So I'd say goth culture has steered me to meeting lots of wonderful and interesting people and offers an easy way to meet friends.

How do you maintain long, vibrant, color treated hair? Do you generally go in for a fringe trim or do you trim it yourself at home?

I usually cut my own fringe because I'm a cheapskate ;P There's one hairdresser in the town who does a wonderful job, and whenever I have some extra money or feel like pampering myself, I book a time. Right now I've dyed my hair with Elumen (did it myself, Finland has this weird system that you can't buy hairdresser quality items if you are not a hairdresser, so I just ordered the dye from Germany) and it seems to last much better than the Directions dyes I used to have. With Directions, the trick was just to dye often ;)

Mikä on yllättävin musiikki/bändi/artisti, josta pidät ja jota kuuntelet? Siis sellainen, jota ei ehkä arvaisi sun kuuntelevan ulkonäön/tyylin perusteella.
Translation: What would be the most surprising artist/band you listen to? One that no one would guess you like based on how you look?

Silicon Dream! Se on italodiscoa 80-luvulta, ja videot on ihan hillittömiä. Ostaisin tosi mieluusti levyn, mutta niitä ei vaan liiku, ilmeisesti muutkin on tajunneet bändin loistavuuden ;P

Translation: Silicon Dream! It's italo disco from the 80's, and they have super awesome videos. I'd like to buy a cd, because so far I've only found poor quality youtube videos, but none are available. Seems like other music lovers have also noted how awesome the band is ;P

Mitä kirjallisuutta luet ja kuka on lempparisi kirjailijoista?
Translation: What kind of literature do you read and who is your favourite author?

Juuri nyt ehkäpä George R. R. Martin vie potin, koska olin niin lumoutunut Song of Ice and Fire -sarjasta. Toivottavasti kirjoja tulee pian lisää! Pitkäaikaisempi ihastus olisi esimerkiksi William Gibson (miinus Spook Country ja viimeisen kirja, jotka on totaalisen tylsiä) tai H. P. Lovecraft. Luen yleensä fantasiaa, kauhua ja klassikkoteoksia.

Translation: Right now I'd say George R. R. Martin, because I recently read the Song of Ice and Fire and just loved it (and can't wait for another book!). As for authors I've liked for long, I'd list William Gibson (except for Spook Country and the one after that, it seemed like the book never started) and H. P. Lovecraft. I usually read fantasy (not the David Eddings type, I've read so much of that stuff in my teen years I'm done with it!), horror and classics.

What is one beauty product, though maybe not your "favorite", is so vital you could not complete your look without it? Specifically!

Urban Decay Primer Potion. Eyeshadow will not last on my lids more than a few minutes without a primer, and this one is the only one that works on my lids.

What is one piece of advice that someone has given you, that you wish to pass on to others?

This one is really hard, I'll just say "Take it easy". I'm get stressed easily and just taking it easy makes things so much easier!

If you had the chance, in which of the following places would you like to live and why: a castle, an 18th/19th century villa or a house by the lake?

I pick the villa, although a house by the lake might actually be possible some day! Finland is the land of a thousand lakes and even my home town is situated between two lakes.

If you like tea which type is your fave? And if not what is your favorite beverage to drink which is non alcoholic?

I love tea! I usually drink green tea in the evenings, but my favourites are flavoured black teas. I love Lady Grey, English breakfast and the Emperor's Bride tea by a Finnish company called Nordqvist. The Emperor's Bride is flavoured with elderberry, quince and a hint of pineapple and orange.

What was you dream job when you were a child?

I wanted to be either a hairdresser or a palaeontologist. Can't say why I wanted the first, maybe it was just so luxurious to go to get your hair done, but the palaeontologist comes from the Jurassic Park movies ;) I was crazy about dinosaurs!

What brand of goth clothing (and I mean the ones sold in goth shops like QoD, Phaze, Hell Bunny etc) is your favourite?

I might have to go with Lip Service! I don't like all their stuff, but most of my favourite pieces of clothing are by them. I'm also very fond of Hell Bunny, they have awesome 50's inspired dresses and cardigans.

What's your biggest pet peave? Makeup or otherwise.

Putting the toilet paper roll on the holder the wrong way ;P (the paper is supposed to fall away from the wall, not against it!) And maybe the thing that happens when you are trying to get stuff done with many people, and no one dares to begin or actually decide what to do. Everyone still has an opinion, but it only comes up once someone has planned how to make the thing work while other have only nodded. I like efficiency, so just speak your mind if you have something to share, and lets make everything work and not loiter around ;)

What is your favorite scents to wear?

I like dark, earthy scents. I'm also a total noob when it comes to describing perfumes, sorry! ;P My current favourites are The Horseman and Quoth the Raven, both by the Morbid the Merrier.

What is your favorite type of makeup?

Eyeshadow! I think they are the most versatile products and the colours selection is so wide you can find almost anything!

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