Friday, 11 April 2014

5 days, 5 stories, 5 photos. Day 1

Jenni challenged me to post five stories about five consecutive days with five pictures, what a fun challenge! I modified it a bit, since I like pictures more than text. Here's day number one, Wednesday.

Woke up. Put on mascara. Went to work. Came home to quickly snack on a delicious muffin before heading out to do the final check on the venue of Club Bella Morte that's happening on the 18th day. I counted how many bats I need to decorate the walls and how many tables there are so I can check the batteries of the trusted electric candles in my stash.

This us at Doris!

I used a picture of a stone angel I took at the Südfriedhof in Leipzig for the poster.

Cat feeding time!
Headed back home to take photos of bones for the clothing print design project with Rogue by Tiina Ulkuniemi. Took photos, shooed cats away from bones. Then some work with Photoshop for a few hours. When I get into the flow I can stay glued to the screen for hours, so I'm glad I live with an excellent cook who takes care that everyone in the apartment gets to eat. My other half served a delicious steak meal which I ate while writing a blog post on the print designs.

Mörkö was very interested in the lamp I took home to wait for the club.

After writing the blog post I brewed some tea and headed to bed afterwards. Nana slept under the blanket with me, until she deemed my other half's side better and crawled there.


  1. What a busy time you have had
    Love the kitties

    ... :) ...

    1. It sure was a busy day! These next few weeks are hectic, but them I'm going to just relax and maybe take a few days off :)

  2. Are these all your kitties? I am very jealous! The little circle of bones is rather mysterious!

  3. wow busy day, I'm the same when designing I forget to drink or eat, luckily my twin helps me out with that!

    1. You are lucky to have a twin like that, how lovely! :)


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