Sunday, 13 April 2014

5 days, 5 stories, 5 photos. Day 3

On Friday I worked from home again to continue on reading. Because I'm an adult I could indulge in eating a huge chocolate chip muffin for breakfast.

Reading is much better with cats. They keep you warm. Or steal your seat when you turn your back.

I spent my lunch hour shopping, because the department store right next to our home has a huge sale. I bought some cheese, movie tickets, hair spray and chocolate kisses.

Right when my work day ended, the delivery guy came to deliver a package from Zooplus. My other half ordered to new litter boxes for the kitties, so the box was huge which excited the kitties to no end.

HUGE box. Soon full of cats.

I popped out to go to H&M and a few other shops, because I had hoped the postman would bring my new dress but he didn't. There's a gala next week with a tricky dress code, I spent ages trying to find a suitable dress, and now if it doesn't arrive on Monday, I have to come up with something else to wear. Sadly I found nothing I liked.

Back home I ate and read some blogs. I wrote a few pages for an essay that's due on Monday and looked at my thesis essay but decided to read more before working on it.

Me after finally finding some popcorn. I was afraid the place didn't have any left,
and seeing a movie in a theatre simply needs popcorn.

In the evening my other half and I went out to see Only Lovers Left Alive. The theatre was almost empty, apparently late shows don't draw much people. I really liked the film, it was pretty and didn't explain the world or the characters too much, there was lots of room for imagination. We walked home after midnight and headed to bed.


  1. I'd love some kitties to read with, birds are terrible to read with, they eat books and scratch at kindles!

    Only Lovers Left Alive is finally coming out here too,I will hopefully be going to see it with my friend in a week or so!

  2. Aw! Only Lovers is a wonderful movie, I did enjoy it a lot. I also enjoyed semi-empty room when watching it, I think it is just not for the big public (as a matter of fact, the lady sitting next to me was yawing the whole time).

  3. Perfect way to spend a day


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