Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bella Morte Outfit Pictures

I was in such a hurry organizing the club that I didn't remember to take a picture of my outfit. Luckily on of us organizers, Ari, is a talented photographer and documented the evening! Here's a few snaps of me.

Me playing some music! You can see the tattoo pretty well also, I'm excited to get it finished to properly show it off :)
I wore a Lip Service top (Which I've modified, it was apparently made for people with boobies the size of my head ;D The front was way too low for me, so I shortened the straps.) with a DeadlyGirlz corset on top. As the bottom half of outfit I have a glitter pvc-skirt by Lip Service (which I took in the very same day in a hurry and need to fix a bit more), plain dark tights and stiletto boots from the flea market.

I have to say I love that corset! It's the sturdiest one I've encountered and it has the curves in just the right places. It creates an amazing hourglass silhouette and is still quite comfy to wear. As an added bonus, it doesn't look too shabby even when laced very lightly, so if I grow tired of wearing it on a long night, I'll just loosen the laces a bit to make in more comfortable.

I'm eagerly awaiting for the postman to bring me a black and white version of the same corset! A fellow admin at the Finnish goth fleamarket on Facebook tipped me off that there was one on the Finnish equivalent of eBay. I read her message while updating a picture from the Game Awards gala and instantly logged in to to buy the corset, because it was just my size and the one I had been searching for for months. Thank you so much, Tiia, for remembering that I was looking for just that one corset!

My other half got his hair cut, he looks so smart! And I just love how he wears the raven skull I gave him!
Photos taken by Ari Rantanen @ Club Bella Morte on 18.4.2014


  1. Really nice pictures and great outfit. I am glad you found just the perfect pvc corset, sometimes it can be a pain in the ass, as the material tend to be too glossy.
    I am curious, what sort of bands do you play at the club? Would you post a s setlist ?

    1. Thank you! I mostly play classic goth, post punk and even new wave. At other events also neofolk, but it didn't fit this evening. I'll grab my setlist and post it, it would be fun!

  2. Greetings,

    You look wornderfull, your corset is gorgeus, I didn't found a perfect PVC one yet, happy you did tho, they never seem right on our body if they are not the right fit. I love what you did with your hair.

    I love that feeling about the sleeve, mine is on the way to be completed soon too, they look amazing, spunk any outfit. You are one gorgeus lady.

    I agree with violette, i imagine you are an EBM dj no? I m curious tho about your tastes on dance music.

    Best Regards

    1. True, it is hard to find the perfectly fitting corset! I'm so eager to get the sleeve finished, it nice now, but it will be great with the last colours in place. I'm not very patient, but it only a few weeks now, so maybe I can make it ;D Thank you for your lovely compliments! I'm a bit old fashioned with music, post punk is my personal favourite, but as a DJ I play other genres as well to offer variety to the visitors. In this event I was in charge of playing classic goth, so it was an easy task!

  3. You looked sooo gorgeous!!! And I love your makeup there especially the lips!!
    You two are such a nice couple :))
    And I would like to see the setlist or your music recommendations, too!! :D

    1. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to post the setlist! :)

  4. Fantastic hair - you look amazing, as ever! My style icon!

  5. Great outfit, makeup and hair! You look gorgeous in the photo!


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