Thursday, 24 April 2014

Flea Market Clothing and Shoes

I haven't been shopping at the flea market much lately, but the last time I went there, I found lots of useful items! Often I feel things are overpriced or just not my style, but this time was different.

I got two skirts (similar in size an style, one black and one raspberry pink) for two euros a piece, light grey knit for two euros, a grey dress with black cutouts at the sides for 3 euros and the most wonderful pair of pink shoes for 3,60 euros.

The skirts are nice everyday skirts, as is the knit. The grey dress got to see action in the games gala I went to when the dress I ordered for it didn't arrive in time. The shoes were an impulse buy, they were just so pretty and pink! They are faux leather, with a faux patent toe. The heels had some scratches but I patched them up with matching nail polish (a tutorial coming on that!).

Pink! And Möttönen.
Möttönen the kitty quickly decided the pile of clothes was actually for her to sleep on. Who could say no to such a cute cat?

So here's a pile of pictures of Möttönen, she wanted to pose ;D

Möttönen then switched on to my other half's lap. He was taking pictures but Möttönen instantly knew petting her would be far more important.

Mör also got some attention!


  1. Ahhhh I love flea markets <3 the my heaven, whatever you may find or not, doesn't matter! I love them all :D
    The skirts look so soft ^_^

  2. I know exactly how it feels when your cat just decides that they want to sleep in your clothing. My cats do that all the time, including when i accidentally leave my wardrobe open. I like those pink shoes, it will match amazingly with your hair! <3

  3. Aw, you got a clothes pile for the kitty! Lucky kitty! Lol. The cat is adorable, is she standing on your butt in the shoes picture? I love how our pets seem to think we are just climbing frames! When I lie in bed with my bird he runs all over me, and sometimes even tries to walk across my face!

  4. love browsing through any second hand have found some gorgeous items, love the pink skirt...oh the joys of cat ownership...or should that be the other way round? :)


  5. Oih, Möttösellä on kyllä erittäin kauniin väriset silmät. :)

  6. Ihania kuvia Möttösestä (ja sinusta)! Mulla oli tuollaiset samanlaiset kengät mustina, mutta teinirinsessa oli sitten vähän lainannut niitä ja ne löytyivät sitten yksi kerta hänen sänkynsä alta, korko mäsänä (sitä oli yritetty korjata mustalla erkkarilla mutta eipä siitä enää oikein kengäksi ollut). Eivät olleet muistaakseni erityisen kalliit onneksi mutta oli ne ihan hauskat mielestäni ja kohtuulliset jalkaan. Että sikäli kyllä vähän harmitti. Noi pinkit on aika ihanan väriset ja tuolla hinnalla aika loistava löytö, vaikka korot hieman kolhiintuneet olisivatkin.


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