Saturday, 12 April 2014

5 days, 5 stories, 5 photos. Day 2

Thursday. I was working from home since there weren't many people at the office. There's a flu going around. My current task is to study for the next step, since it's a thing I don't have previous experience on, so I'm working my way through a 700-page book on the subject. Reading is best done at home, where I can reward myself with ice cream for good progress and lounge on the sofa ;P

The postman came and brought my new hair brush and a packet with gold toned jewellery parts. The golden pieces are for the burlesque jewellery I'm making from two Indian wedding jewellery sets. I usually work with silver toned stuff, so I had to order the parts to match the rich gold shade of this work.

Doesn't the hair brush packet look a bit like something that could be tattooed in the lower back area? ;D

Rafael asked me to share a link to his and Arttu's podcast, since they are featured on a page called Beards & Bullshit, go on and click to listen to their stuff!

After work was finished, my other half and I cleaned the hydroponic system we have for growing chillis. It had been waiting for some time to get attention, the lamp frames had decayed and broken, so the only plant growing there didn't get much light. We moved the system to the window sill to have some natural light and planted new seeds. The seeds themselves were a gift from a friend in Helsinki, whose birthday party we visited a few weeks ago. Thank again Johanna, I'm eager to see how the seeds grow!

I made the name tags with a Dymo machine and plastic cut from the hair brush package.
These are Hungarian Hot Wax and Demon Red varieties.
In the evening I went out with Nina. We usually go out for a beer every week, but it's been so busy that there's been a pause in our beer-drinking-schedule. This time we unusually went to Klubi for an event, because they had a few burlesque performances for a very reasonable price of two euros.

Me and my beer.
Other friends has also come to see the performances, so we had a larger party. Good thing we came early and got a table with a nice view to the stage!

This is Claudia A. Noire, it was her first performance ever and went great! Lovely moves and a lovely lady :)

There would have been a band playing after the performances, but both Nina and me had work in the morning, so we headed home. I went straight to bed with only a tiny stop at the computer to check Facebook.

An extra picture of Möttönen on the couch!


  1. oooh I can't wait to see what you make looks like you had a good night out :)

  2. Jeij! Toivottavasti chilit rupeaa puskemaan maasta :)


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