Monday, 14 April 2014

5 days, 5 stories, 5 photos. Day 4

I wanted to sleep in, but Nivek the kitty disagreed and kept patting my face with his paw until I got up and gave him food. Sneakily I went back to bed afterwards, to just enjoy not being in a hurry and chat with my other half.

For breakfast my other half made banana pancakes, delicious! This was a first try, so they crumbled a bit, but the taste was excellent. Especially with whipped cream on top ;P I think our poor blender got fried, it made weird noises and started to smell like burning. That still didn't stop the pancakes from happening!

The cats would have wanted some bananas too.

I went out to visit a flea market, because I was still searching for a back-up dress or a top for the gala on Tuesday, just in case the dress I ordered from the UK didn't arrive in time. This time I was in luck, I bough two purple tops that look like they can work well with most of my skirts. I also bought a worn down black box for my other half. He had mentioned in the morning that he liked the way Adam's house in the movie Only Lovers Left Alive was decorated, and the box looked like it would fit into Adam's house great.

A box that could be Adam's and two kitties trying to decide whose turn it is to sit in it.

Back home I stopped by the attic to get some table legs so I could set up a table for some crafty business. Laura and Niina came to help with the decorations for next week's Bella Morte. We cut out plenty of bats to hang on the walls of the venue and checked that all the electric candles had full batteries. Afterwards we has some tea and found ourselves feeling a little hungry.

Bats and more bats.
After asking if another friend wanted to join we headed out for a meal at a tex mex restaurant. I was thinking of taking a picture of my fried tofu with barbecue vegetables, sweet potato purée and blue cheese dip, but accidentally ate it all before remembering to take out the camera phone. I guess it proves it was delicious ;P

Then I played a little, since Godus has an update. Sadly it caused the game to crash, so I didn't try it out for long. Guess I should restart it once again. To prep myself for bed, I watched the newest episode of Game of Thrones and then headed to bed.


  1. Ai teilläkin harrastetaan tassu naamaan -herätyksiä :D Mä olen viime aikoina herännyt aika monesti siihen, kun Dixon "rämpyttää" mun nenää tassullaan...

  2. I DIED with the kitties picture. My cats also do that when they're hungry, but mostly when they
    I like pancakes, but here on Brazil we do them very thin and we put fillings in it, like a burrito. The sweet ones are the best, i'm dying to eat one filled with banana and condensed milk, so DELICIOUS! <3

  3. I have no idea how you cook or even move with all those adorable kitties around your legs! I like that box, I am excited to check out the decor in Only Lovers Left Alive when I finally see it!

  4. I absolutely love that picture of Mörkö in the box! XD

  5. As always I have enjoyed reading about your adventures are your adorable kitties


  6. Ha ha , the photo of your cats looks more like you had prawns on the stove. Oh I wish I could have a cat...
    the box is lovely and I so want to see that film.


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