Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cabaret Noir Look

Fyrinnae is one of my absolute favourite cosmetics companies. Their online shop looks very "90's" but their products have never let me down. In my last order I bought some of their new shades, one of them being Cabaret Noir.

Cabaret Noir belongs to Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic range, which basically means it's super, super sparkly! Cabaret Noir has a black base with tons of olive green shimmer and glitter. When blended the glitter isn't so visible, so I applied it first on Urban Decay Primer Potion and blended it to a smoky look, then patted some Pixie Epoxy primer on the lid with my finger and gently patted on another layer of the shadow with a small, flat brush. Result: glitter galore! I only used a matte white as highlight in addition, other than that it's purely Cabaret Noir.

I paired the green shadow with a classic red lip. The product I used is Copenhagen by Nyx, a matte lip cream, you can find my review of it here.

Now that I look at the pics, I think I should have blended the shadow further to the side and up, making a wing-like shape. Maybe next time then! The strong light washes make-up out a bit, I have to learn how to put in on even darker ;D

While full face shots with eyes open don't show the green shimmer...

Shots with eyes downcast definitely show it!


  1. Beautiful. I heard for fyrinnae reading your blog, and fell in love, ordered a ton already and love every single color I bought.

  2. Wow, I love the colour! It looks like something a mermaid would wear!

  3. That colour is beautiful! I don't think ive seen anything like it before :)


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