Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hair From Hell Warlocks Review

Do you like big hair? And yet sometimes there's no time spend hours fixing it? Then you are bound to love Hair from Hell! I used to make my own loose synthetic hair falls, but I've been quite busy lately, so I looked into pre-made falls. Hair from Hell is situated in the UK and their site has a huge gallery of gorgeous, fluffy hair falls. I wanted a set in custom colours, so I contacted the owner, Lol, for a quote. She was nice enough to offer a small discount in exchange for a review, so I hope I can provide you with some extra information to on her lovely falls :)

I ordered a pair of waist-length Warlocks (exclusive to Hair from Hell) with a fuchsia base and accents in purple, petrol and black. They were ready in six days and took about a week to arrive to Finland from the UK.

The warlock falls are heavily layered and mounted on elastic ribbon. The hair is heat sealed so it stays where it's supposed to. Heat sealing the hair to the elastic also helps it stay nice when brushed, it can't slide or be pulled off accidentally. All the huge amount of hair in a fall is mounted on quite a small length of elastic, which means they cover anything you hide under them.

Hair is securely on the elastic.
I put loose falls on by first putting my hair up in small buns. My buns are not of equal size, because of the undercut, but with such a nice fluffy pair of falls no one will notice. I use small transparent hair clips to secure the buns. Pro tip: If you change you hair colour often, get transparent clips to make them match any and all colours!

Uneven little buns. (My moth tattoo got its background re-colored two days ago so it looks blotchy!)
To attach the falls I bend at the waist so the falls hang freely and don't get caught in the knot. Warlocks have elastics long enough to tie into bows to make them very secure. If you know you'll be moshing all night long, use hair pins to secure the ends of the knots to your hair for an even better grip.

Warlocks out of the box. I haven't back-combed them or added hairspray, this is how fluffy they are naturally!

My poor lighting makes the details in the falls not stand out, but the hair is slightly
crimped to make them keep their fluff. There's a shorter layer on top and longer ones
lower. The accent colors are added as streaks and they really show nicely with the layers!

Waist length really is long! Even with the buns situated quite high the falls reach my waist.

Coverage from the back. Basically none of my own hair is showing.

Even with the huge amount of hair, Warlocks are very light. I weighed them and the two falls
combined weigh only 150 grams. So these babies won't be yanking your scalp on long nights out!
After trying out the two buns look, I wanted to see what else I can do. I put my hair in just one high bun on top of my head and tied both Warlocks on top of it. This way of wearing the falls shows more of my own hair, but also the shaved side I like. The colour match is very good, my hair is just dyed with Elumen pink and I picked the fuchsia falls colour based on a color chart on the Hair form Hell page and checked with Lol if she thought it would match well. IRL there's a slight different with my hair being a bit warmer in tone, but it doesn't show on camera and I doubt anyone would notice at a club in dim light. The crimped hair is not very shiny, which makes it look quite a lot like real hair. You could totally fool someone into thinking these falls are naturally yours :)

I got the idea for one bun only after I took off my corset. Oh well!

Another angle. If the falls did not match so well, I would add some flower clips to hide the place
where they meet my own hair. It's an easy way to hide anything and have the hair look even higher!

One more!
I personally like these falls very much. They give instant big hair and don't need any work when they arrive. The colour match is great and the accents make them seem less like a mass of hair, more natural and more lively. Attaching the falls is easy and they stay on well. They are very light, making them easy to wear. So many times I've tried to comb my hair free of tangles before going to bed after a night at a club, that I can definitely appreciate just opening a bow and putting it in the closet ;D

All in all: big, fast easy hair = just the thing for me!

If you are interested in getting your own, take a look at what Hair from Hell has to offer! There are many styles available (I'm drawn to the sparkly ones, naturally ;P) but you can also order falls in custom colors and lengths by emailing them. 

Behind the scenes! I can never take photos at home without some cats in them ;P


  1. Looks amazing, I really love how it gives that WOW big teased hair look.
    I'm liking the bun style with undercut showing a bit more.
    And that necklace is just beyond this world!

    1. Thank you so much! I love big hair, I'm just too lazy to fix my own so these falls are just what I need. I think I like the one bun style more too, I'm very fond of my undercut. The necklace is from eBay, it cost just a few euros, but it's definitely worth more!

  2. I like the dress very much. Where is it from?

    1. Thank you! It's by Black Milk, the Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader dress. A lovely piece, so easy to wear, soft and stretchy, I can definitely recommend it!

  3. OMG this is amazing! Sometimes I miss my long hair but even now it's a pain to deal with! Drooling over the supreme beauty of those locks!

    1. Thank you so much dear! Pop-on long hair is great ;D I usually wear my hair in a bun at home when I need it to be out of the way, but occasionally huge hair is a must ;P

  4. this looks incredible!!!! I´m not a fan of fake hair but these look absolutely amazing and very easy to use!! I might be thinking into getting my own pair. amazing!!!

    1. Thank you! Some fake hair looks really fake, too shiny and with thick individual hairs, but these falls are soft and look very much like natural, back-combed and hair-sprayed hair. I think they would fit you very well!

  5. Wau, todella upeat ja sopivat sinulle hyvin! :>

    1. Kiitos! Mä tykkään näistä kyllä kovasti, tosi näppärät käyttää :)

  6. Hei muuten, sulla kun ilmeisesti tarttuu Elumen myös käsittelemättömään hiukseen, niin millainen hiustyyppi sulla on? Kuinka huokoinen/karhea/tms? Mun tekee tosi paljon mieli kokeilla Elumenia käsittelemättömään tyveen (tuntuu niin turhalta vaalentaa kun tummuusaste on jo ihan ok), mutta toisaalta mulla on tosi liukas ja lasimainen tukka, joten epäilen sitä tarttuvuutta aika paljon... Ja kysytääs nyt vielä sitäkin, että kuinka kauan pidät Elumenia päässä ja käytätkö lämpöä apuna? :)

    1. Mulla on aika paksu ja vähän karhea hius. Yleisenä sääntönä Elumen tarttuu paremmin käsittelemättömään kuin käsiteltyyn hiukseen, (blondatuista juurista tahtovat reunahaituvat aina jäädä haaleiksi) niin hassulta kuin se kuulostaakin! Mä pidän väriä päässä 30-60 minuuttia ja korkeintaan vetäsen suojaksi kelmun, yleensä en sitäkään. Kelmun käytöllä en ole huomannut olevan vaikutusta väriin.


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