Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist

This is my Christmas list of dreams, I mainly lust after things that are a bit out of my price range, so that's why many things look expensive ;D But with the Christmas season coming and my birthday too, I can always dream!

"Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange" by Robert Irwin and translated by Malcolm C Lyons

I like fairytales, and this books has the oldest recorded Arabic stories, of the same tradition as the famous Arabian Nights. It just came out and looks like something that would keep me occupied for a few nights!

A gorgeous underbust corset by Snow Black Corsets.

Made to measure corset

I haven't been that into corsets before, but I've recently found which shapes and sizes fit me best. A made to measure corset would be a dream come true, since the ready-made ones always have tiny problems.

Swatch by Temptalia.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil

For wearing dark lipstick this lip pencil is a must. The shade looks gorgeous and something that would compliment many of my darker lip products.

Flat iron by Cloud Nine

My old flat iron just had it's tenth birthday, which is a pretty good age! The coating on the irons has started to wear down so it doesn't glide on hair like it used to. Cloud Nine flat irons are the cream of the crop, they are top quality and I do like their design as well.

"Prince Lestat" by Anne Rice

I love the Vampire Chronicles, so Prince Lestat is a must! Lestat is such a cool character, I always liked him!

Marlies Dekkers signature bra.

Marlies Dekkers bra

Because awesome bra is awesome. Marlies Dekkers makes underwear that's both pretty and durable, just what you need under your clothes. I especially like their signature bra, it has a gorgeous silver metal accent in the front.

Killstar Pentagram earrings

I've been eyeing these earrings for quite a while, they look so good but I'm not sure if I would find outfits to go with them. And I have a ton of earrings. But they are still wickedly good looking!

Minna Parikka Angora heels

Minna Parikka is a Finnish designer who makes shoes, handbags and accessories. Her high heels are to die for, like these ones called Angora. Sleek, black suede with cute bunny ears? Yes please!


  1. pentagram earrings are a wonderful finish to any basic, shapeless and even lazy black outfit nowadays. i´ve been dreaming to get these too!

    1. They sound better and better, I can't resist soon ;D

  2. That book cover is beautiful! The lip pencil is the PERFECT shade!

    The bra is cool looking but it looks like the strappy bits at the front would show with a lot of tops, or is that the idea?

    1. I think it's the idea with the bra that it shows with low cut tops. The straps look nice and the metal piece is a really pretty accent.

  3. I've been also looking to those earrings, they're so cool... (but, my ears are not even pierced so ... XD)

    1. They are just the type of earrings that make you want them even if you can't wear them ;D

  4. Prince Lestat - pakko saada! Ja nuo Killstarin korvakorut <3 Mulla oli tarkoitus valmistaa tuollaiset pentagrammikorvakorut jo vuosia sitten, en koskaan ehtinyt ja enää ei ole paikkaa missä olisi mahdollisuus tehdä :/

    1. Hitsi kun meni mahdollisuus sivu suun! Toivottavasti vielä pääset käsiksi sopiviin työkaluihin tai vastaan tulee kohtuuhintaiset yksilöt :)

  5. Those earring from killstar have been on my wishlist as well! Specially as they work well with stretched ear lobes! the bunny heels are too cute and that corset is to die for!



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