Thursday, 27 November 2014

Date Night Dream Outfits!

Queen of Darkness suggested a collage post for an outfit for an event, night out or something to that effect, and after thinking on it for a while, I came up with a great idea! One of their ideas was a date night, but since it usually takes two people to make it a date, I asked if my other half would like to compile his dream date night outfit and I could make mine to match his. He agreed!

Lace bracelet - lacy jewellery compliments the tulle and lace skirt nicely.
Lace and pearls necklace - with a low cut neckline, a choker-like necklace gives the look definition
Lace and leather jacket - I might feel a bit exposed in just the corset top, so this jacket hides and reveals just enough!
Dipped hem fluffy skirt - you already know I love this skirt ;D
Plastic boned corset - a rigid, tight-laced corset might not be the best choice for going out to eat, but a plastic boned one lets you move and eat more freely.
New Rock Magneto heels - the skirt just begs for gorgeous heels!

Military style coat - for a masculine look, this coat is perfect
Black shirt with studs - simple but with nice details, works with everything!
Pants with decorative pockets - The pockets keep most of the decoration up to go well with the shirt
Bracelet with studs - a black bracelet with silver studs is something that works with many outfits, it just gives it that finishing touch.
New Rock String shoes - we share a love for New Rock footwear ;P I think there are around eight pairs in our apartment. Bulky shoes work well with most of the details of the outfit being higher up.

So this is what we would wear to a romantic night out. We like to go out to eat at restaurants and afterwards come home to watch a movie or play some Diablo 3 together. We have slightly different taste in music, but usually both of us have enjoyed going to listen to bands, even if it's only the other one's favourite artist playing. And goth clubs are always great!

My other half, Arttu, wears gothic style clothing too, so he knew just what to choose for the outfit. Queen of Darkness has quite a nice selection for men, unlike many brands. Arttu is always on the lookout for some cool clothing when we go to festivals, because he sings in a band and naturally needs something posh to wear on stage. I think he always looks good, nice clothes are just a little bit extra ;D If you want to listen to his band, click here! I love their stuff, I'm a sucker for gothic rock and could listen to him sing all night long!

This is us!


  1. I like that you did the clothes for both of the people! You two are a gorgeous couple and look lovely together!

    1. Thank you! I think having my partner participate gives to usually a bit boring collage post a new twist, so glad to know you like it!

  2. Do Queen of Darkness tell you what you have to post about? I will call your blog "undercover marketing". So dissapointed...

    1. We bounce ideas to find out what would work for everyone. I want to tell of products to my readers, but be open when it's done in collaboration. That's why I write it on the post, it's hardly undercover ;D


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