Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Pretty Zombie Black Cat Lipstick Review

Along with a few other shades, I ordered Black Cat liquid lipstick from Pretty Zombie. Please take a look at my customer service experience here if you are planning to order, just to make sure you won't be unpleasantly surprised!

The formula is liquid to matte. I own many long lasting lipsticks, and these are one of the lightest to wear. The product goes on very thin but it's opaque, so there's no need for extra layers. I'm wearing only one layer in the pictures. I find the doe-foot applicator very easy to use and precise, but using a brush has been suggested too. Unlike my other long lasting lipsticks, this product does feather a tiny bit during long wearing time (5+ hours). It's not very noticeable with other shades, but looks awful with black. I have another black matte lipstick, it's by Topshop and called Raven. It's of a thicker texture but does not feather at all.

While I do like the light consistency of Black Cat, I think I'll be wearing Raven when I need a balck lipstick. Feathering is a big no-no with black lipstick, it shows instantly and looks shabby. The main thing I look for in a black long-lasting lipstick is that it stay where it's supposed to all night long, so I don't have to worry about it or spend time re-applying. Black Cat does not live up to that, though it looks nice on the lips and is easy to apply.

Looks like I didn't let it dry completely before smacking my lips! That made the colour in the center transfer to the lower lip.


  1. AAAAW! I like it! :) I recently ordered "Black Cat" and "Zombettie". I'm looking forward to wear them :) I hope it'll look half as great on me as it looks on you.


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